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Scar Treatment / Revision

Scar Treatment / Revision
Procedure :
Scar revision is the surgery done or treatment given to improve the appearance of the scar or remove traces of damages on the skin due to injury. There are non invasive treatments like silicone sheeting, pressure garments, micro- dermabrasion, chemical peels, cortisone injection, laser as well as invasive procedures like excision, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, tissue expansion and skin grafts. The success of the procedure depends upon the type of the scar. The severity of scarring depends upon size and depth of the wound, the thickness of the skin, direction of the scar, etc. Every person scars differently. While some people may barely scar, some may form dark, raised or red scars. Whatever the cause, scars are unpredictable. The way a scar develops depends on the body’s ability to heal as well as the original injury or on the surgeon’s skill.
Duration :
15 to 45 min depending upon the procedure and area.
Anesthesia :
Local or none.
Hospitalization :
Sequelae :
Usually none. Can be some swelling, redness depending upon the procedure.
Recovery : No down time.
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