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Fillers / Fat Injection
Fillers / Fat Injection
FillersI Fat Injections
Substantiates or plumps up creased, furrowed or sunken facial skin. It also has an important role in the treatment of acne and trauma scars, filling up the aesthetically important facial regions, redefining the aesthetically important facial regions, redefining the chin contours and to add fullness to lips and the backs of the hands so has to generate a youthful appearance. As the transplanted fat is prone to absorption over time, a slight overfill is done at surgery, but this evens out in the due course.
15 minutes to an hour per session.
Anesthesia :
Usually none is required for fillers, though a local is essential for fat injections.
As an outpatient.
Temporary pain.
No downtime.
Duration of Results
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