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Laser Facial Resurfacing / Dermabrasion
Laser Facial Resurfacing Darmabraision(Before)
Laser Facial Resurfacing Darmabraision(After)



This procedure utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) laser device to smoothen the face by treating layers of damaged skin. Dermabrasion on the other hand involves a mechanical scraping of the top layers of skin using a high-speed rotary wheel. Both of these procedures are also used to soften lines around the eyes and mouth, as well as minimize acne and other facial scars, surface irregularities, unevenly pigmented areas and the skin in general. Once the outer layer has been removed, the healing process yields new cells and a tightening of the skin tissue that give a firmer facial skin and a youthful appearance.

Duration of Surgery
A few minutes to an hour.
Anesthesia :
Local with sedation, or general.
Usually as an outpatient, unless combined with other surgical procedures that may require hospitalization.
A passing swelling and discomfort.
Precaution :
Restrict or avoid direct exposure to sunlight for few weeks for best results.
Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks.
More strenuous activities: 4 to 6 weeks.
Duration of Results

Long lasting, but it does not stop ageing. New wrinkles, expression lines may form as skin grows older.

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