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Breast Lift / Reduction(Mastopexy / Reduction)
Breast Lift / Reduction(Mastopexy / Reduction) Procedure
It raises and re­shapes sagging or huge enlarged breasts by removing excess skin and tissues and repositioning remaining tissue and nipples. Reduction can also be done with liposuction.
1 to 3 hours.
Anesthesia :
Local with sedation, or general.
Usually outpatient. Sometimes inpatient.
Temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple sensation, bruis­ing.
Back to work: 3 to 5 days.
Strenuous activities: 1 month.
Fading of scars: 1 month to a year.
Duration of Results
Variable; gravity, pregnancy, aging, and weight changes may cause new sag. Results may last longer or be enhanced when breast implants are inserted as part of the procedure.
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