About the Centre
In your quest for information on the scores of Plastic Surgical (read as ‘cosmetic/aesthetic ') procedures on the web you have now reached us. Or this may be your first such hit on the internet.

Either ways, welcome to Face and Figure. Rest assured, we do not aim to sell you any procedure, but to help you in making your decision.

Many questions would be present in your mind. And depending on how much you have read previously, you will be either fully aware of the procedure you seek and need to know what more is there to offer and how much will it cost. Or, you would be seeking some basic knowledge that is scientifically tempered enough to know what you are heading in to.

We recognize that this is a big challenge for you are at the receiving end. In the maze of information present, how do you make sense of it all and reach a sound decision with which you are happy and contented. For this, you need to be aware of the many aspects that you must consider.

Essentially, you should know what you want in the first instance, and most importantly – do you actually need it. This is the biggest hurdle.

Once you are convinced, the other things fall into place. The next obvious step is to either seek out all available information by your own self, or discuss it with a plastic surgeon.

The things that would go through your mind include the end result, safety issues, the timing of the surgery, recovery duration, the surgeon and obviously the cost factor. No one person or site can give you the answers to all these. Most of the available information is generalized and is mentioned so in order to give you a perspective on the condition. It has to be tailored to your personal and specific needs. It is essentially all the technical stuff that has been simplified for you to comprehend.

At Face and Figure, you choose your pace and you ask these questions. We persevere to satisfactorily reply to each of your query till such time you are convinced and ready to take your decision.
The End Result:

Even as you are contemplating your special need, you are thinking about the final result. You must understand that though the general principle of the surgery is the same as you may be already aware of, each surgeon will have to adapt it to your body. Tissues take time to heal – and you must give them this. And thus you will find that the eventual outcome of surgery will depend a lot on what stage of your condition the surgery was done, how meticulously it was performed and how well you have complied with the instructions. It will be nearly always be as perfect to what you had anticipated or expected. At certain times, it may not be so. You must then have patience. Discuss it with your plastic surgeon and you can be sure that all will be done to alleviate your concern, though it may take a little while longer.
Choosing the surgery and surgeon:

This is your personal choice. You need to know what you want. You can then take your time to choose as to who shall deliver it to you. Let not peer pressure push you to it. You must want it.

As mentioned earlier, the principle of the surgery remains the same. There may be many different ways to achieve the same end result, though using different techniques.

Once you have sought out the technical aspects from all sources, reflect on it. Should you not be happy with doing this on your own self, you could visit a plastic surgeon or two and consider the options that have been offered. Your Plastic Surgeon will be in a position to give you sufficient details to enable you to take an informed decision. And you can always revert for more.

But be sure that you visit and discuss with certified super-specialist in plastic surgery. An MCh (Magister Chirurgiae) or a DNB (Diplomate of the National Board) in - Plastic Surgery is granted by the Indian University and National Board respectively. You may want to request them for their qualifications and experience in the field and they would be happy to share it with you. This will put you at ease as you are then sure that you are in the right hands.
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